2015 Tour de Suisse Stage 3 Quinto – Olivone 174.5 km

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Jul 29, 2012
give majka a medal, he'll be ready for the tour and this isn't even his best terrain.

Risky finish though
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Ryo Hazuki said:
Netserk said:
Ryo Hazuki said:
Cance > TheRest said:
Sagan ofcourse. Today won't be hard enough to drop him. Mind you, he was close to rejoining the leading group yesterday, so imagine what he can do when the climb is easier.
today is harder than yesterday :confused:
No it isn't. Yesterday was 2x 3.9km @ 8.9%. Today is 5.2km @ 6.8% followed by a technical descent and then 3.3 @ 7.1% with 5km to the line.
that's just numbers. today is definitely harder in my book. also with the gothard in the beginning
Ryo to admit he was wrong in 3...2...1...