2015 tour d'france stage 10: Tarbes › La Pierre-Saint-Martin

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Oct 4, 2014
In the end Andrea De Luca, a reporter for Rai (Italian TV), interviewed Geraint Thomas and he said he was fresh and surprised to be with Valverde. He said Sky didn’t plan anything.

Ryaguas said:
Dont be so bitter lads...

Congratz to SKY and especially to Froome, what a ride.

I've heard this comment for many many years (decaces) but the team and rider change now and then.. like every 4-7 years ^^

That being said.. I am pretty happy with having Froome as my cpt. on my fantasy team and quintana and A yates there as well.. was a good day for me on the fantasy play..

But the stage was boring.. I really like when there are duels or more attacking eachother and a little margin win.. this was like Armstrong back in the days, not talking clicic stuff.. just think its boring when it turns out like this..

But nice to see Yates doing well.
Jun 9, 2010

TI-Raleigh said:
Via @ammattipyoraily twitter:

Chris Froome: 40 min 54 sec, 21.84 kph, VAM 1687 m/h, 6.09 W/kg (Dr. Ferrari formula)

Thx for the data! great preparation by Dawg to have that performance, Porte most likely close to those numbers too
Oct 23, 2011
Well that was interesting......

Quintana will probably be a bit better in a real mountain stage, but yeah, the GC is pretty much settled.......

Great ride by Gesink by the way. Good to see some vintage Gesink again, must be years ago now that he was this good. :)

Also, I don't understand Purito. I thought he was in a pretty decent shape because of Huy and the Dauphine, but he was really poor today. Ah well, he should do well in Mende and maybe Rodez. In 2013 he also sucked in the first couple of mountain stages, but he still podiumed. Not really seeing that happen now, but a good third week is still possible for him.

Oh and, wtf Gallopin?!

sir fly said:
Three Sky's and two Movistar's riders in front of TJ and Contador on the stage.

The Movistar part isn't particularly embarrassing - it just means that Valverde was better than them today, which is perfectly normal for TJ and rare but not unheard of for Contador. Porte and Thomas, well that's another story. Particularly Thomas.
Jun 29, 2009
Re: 2015 tour d'france stage 10: Tarbes › La Pierre-Saint-Ma

It doesnt make sense to use VAM, what if there is a flat section in a climb?
Re: 2015 tour d'france stage 10: Tarbes › La Pierre-Saint-Ma

WOW. Before the race I knew that differences could be large but I thought that at least 1 rider (Quintana) would ride with Froome. Even when he accelerated I thought that Quintana would catch him after a few hundred meters. But the most impressive was that he kept his power for 6 km and increased his advantage all the time! Almost 1700 m/h of VAM and it includes that less steep final section - hors categorie of climbing.
Re: 2015 tour d'france stage 10: Tarbes › La Pierre-Saint-Ma

Cervelo77 said:
So, that's GC over then I guess? My god, talk about finishing everyone else off.

It sure is. I wonder how many that wont watch the rest of the tour due to this... Alot of people watch it when its close, but almost all casual watchers don't see a reason to watch when its like this. its too predictable.

I think the battle for 3rd place will be fun enough to watch.. and for the non casuals, the weird attacks for stage wins in the coming days will be fun as well