2015 Vuelta stage 10: Valencia > Castellón 146.6km

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Eyeballs Out said:
Giant blew it in many ways. It was headwind run-in, tailwind sprint. They rode like it was the opposite. They could have left the 3 in front until a lot later which would have saved de Kort for the leadout. Also Degenkolb could have opened up a lot earlier - there was no need to go looking for cover

It may well be true that they should have dragged the group back more slowly. Probably, it was partly a show of strength, partly overconfidence in Degenkolb.
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BigMac said:
Valv.Piti said:
BigMac said:
Gonçalves has got to be Kwiatkowski in disguise. He's everywhere!

Degz not very well positioned.

Uuh, have you through this Vuelta posted a reply not involving him, rofl...

Please come Wednesday.

Yes, posted about Lawson Craddock too.

Seriously though, what's wrong with it. I feel like it's true.

It's true. The guy is everywhere. Nice Vuelta for him.
Great win for MTN :) I hope Henao is ok,he was looking really bad :mad: I think Roche crashed too today and he was on another bike,he surely was in the front group with Froome and Nieve.
Gigs_98 said:
As we all know since the tdf this year, no matter how stupid movistar acts someone always says that they never do tactical mistakes because Unzué is inerrant. Can please one of these guys explain why they worked so hard before the final climb today? They don't have the leaders jersey to defend, they don't have a real sprinter to work for and they didnt attack on the climb.
They were probably betting on Rojas for the sprint.