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2016 Giro d'Italia, stage 12: Noale - Bibione, 182 km

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Gigs_98 said:
Cycling fans hope for rain in almost every race except TT's and flat stages where rain only leads to dangerous crashes or unfair conditions, but of course the first two rainy stages of the giro are the only long TT and the flattest stage of the whole race.

Does maybe anyone know if there could be crosswinds later today. Then the stage could even get interesting.
only for those watching on TV/net. For people who are on the road or at the finish, riders, Support staff, race organisation, moto riders it would be miserable :eek: .
From the live ticker:

"News coming in from our reporters at the Giro d'Italia. The times for the peloton will be taken at the first passage of the line. There will also be no bonus seconds taken on the line. That means the GC riders won't have to fight it out on that last lap."

So now you just know that a GC contender is going to have a mechanical with 10 km to go and not get back on the peloton until after they pass the line with 8 km to go
I find it pretty ridiculous to make such a technically difficult finish but to take the time for the gc 8 kilometers before the finish seems like a strange decision to me too. This is a cycling race after all and I don't want to see riders who try to win this race and then drop from the peloton on purpose.
Re: Re:

MikeTichondrius said:
TourOfSardinia said:
Gorilla ftw anyone?

Hard to look past him. Though now I know he's not sticking around for a shout at the points I kinda want Ewan to take it.

J/K, Cardoso to win, Vino style.

EDIT: Actually scratch that, Vino himself outta nowhere for the win.

Vino option, never discount it!

Cance > TheRest said:
Ewan had won that sprint if there was room

Not at all. He gets up to speed very very quickly after that hairpin, as always, but he doesn't have the top end speed. Greipel was so much faster once he got going, the swerve didn't change the result.

Climbing said:
Jspear said:
Just a tad cheeky from Greipel.

Nope, just plain stupid from Ewan, not sure the he would have passed Greipel anyway when on the wind.

He wouldn't have. When he got in the wind he hit the metaphorical wall. Zero chance.
Ewan wanted a leadout to the last second. Greipel's too savvy for that though, just kept his movement and Ewan chose to pass him on the wrong side. Figure Ewan would have had it if he'd swerved left (Greipel would risk a DSQ by following such a move then).