2016 Giro d'Italia - Stage 14: Farra d'Alpago–Corvara 210 km

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Apr 22, 2012
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hrotha said:
Kokoso said:
MikeTichondrius said:
They're counting on Siutsov and Ulissi losing hard on Giau and Valparola it seems...Could Astana+Movi be seriously underrating their threat? I wouldn't be confortable with Kastantsin having 2 or 3 minutes advantage in the Pink...
His name is Konstantin Sivcov. No Kastantsin, Kanstantsin or whatever else.
Канстанцін Сіўцоў in Belarusian. That transliterates exactly as Kanstantsin Siutsou.
I think that it transliterates Kanstantsin Siwtsow actually :)
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GuyIncognito said:
hrotha said:
Do you have a link to him saying it the Russian way? Because I distinctly remember everybody referred to him as "Gonchar" (or, well, "Gontchar"; French spellings are everywhere in cycling) back in 1997, and the later switch to "Honchar".
Pronouncing it? Nope. I just remember him saying it over and over
Google search only comes up with this

Thanks! That settles it for me.

I was confused because a Spanish magazine reported the story pretty much the other way around ("I finally got my documents to say 'Honchar' correctly, please call me that") back in the day, but I guess they just got it wrong.

Pantani Attacks said:
Nico Roche actually resembles Froome. Doppelgangers.
He's shorter and heavier, not nearly as skeletal. Probably too heavy for a stage like today to be honest. In his dad's day you could be a GC rider with a build like that, but these days there are more mountains and fewer time trials, plus a weight loss arms race. Always wished he'd given the classics a proper go to be honest, rather than wasting his time chasing top 10s with French teams.