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2016 Giro d'Italia stage 16: Bressanone - Andalo (132 km)

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Chavez weakness is a big advantage for Kruijswijk. Now his opponents primarily got a reason to pull themselves for now and deal with Kruijswijk later on. He needs to live on after this stage as the Risoul stage should normally favor him even if there's action right from the start.

Kruijswijk's still looking like a strong kid and very aware. Until now, Valverde, Zaka and Nibali wasted energy as well on Mendelpass. So probably they ain't gonna be totally fresh in the finale as well.
Jul 29, 2012
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Re: Re:

Ryo Hazuki said:
Miburo said:
They should just ride as a group now. Bye chavez then
of course they won't ride as a group

Why not? Piti will ride, he wants a podium. Kruiswuijk too if that means it'll chill down. And nibali too cause then he only needs to deal with Kruiswuijk for the win.

Why wouldn't they ride?