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2016 Giro d'Italia, Stage 18: Muggiò - Pinerolo (240 km)

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DFA123 said:
Taxus4a said:
Why Valverde stop everytime the leader lose some meters and he sprint at the end for nothing??
Clearly because he doesn't want to put in a hard 2km effort leading everyone out for no gain. On the other hand, given his anaerobic power, he probably feels that making everyone do a short sprint will take less out of him than his rivals.

It is the only explanation I though, but IMO is quite stupid... Nibali and him did the most difficut, to put some meters, maybe it wanst even 1 second, but there was a gap, and enough to put more time on the leader and Chaves.. 3,4, 5 seconds, I dont know, but counts, sprint at the end.. it is difficult to take one seconds, the others dont have to sprint a lot for the same time...