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2016 Giro d'Italia, Stage 21: Cuneo → Torino (163 km)

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May 15, 2016
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RedheadDane said:
Arndt was random in the sense that he just happened to have been the one crossing the line in second position.
I know it's not about compensating Modolo, but did Nizzolo's weering really affect the result of the race? Who's to say he wouldn't have finished in first position - and Modolo in fourth - anyway? And - perhaps more importantly - would Nizzolo still have been punished if he'd finished in, say, fifth position?

Also... what place did Nizzolo get relegated to?

Last of the group of sprinters (with the same time, 13th I think).
Mar 12, 2014
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I keep wondering about this stage what the rules are when a stage is neutralised. Are you allowed to get lapped on that final circuit and if so, do the rules allow you to suddenly go full throttle again? Does anyone know? (If this has been discussed before or someplace else, could you please point me to it?)

If so, I think Lotto-Jumbo have missed out on a great opportunity: Battaglin and Roglic (for instance) could've waited for about an entire lap and then gone full throttle together with Jos van Emden. Just imagine the situation where Tsjallingi had to let go at the front of the race, but van Emden at the same time got the support of two fresh new riders to pull him along. That might just have been enough to get him to the finish in front of the peloton. (Together with one or two team mates who still had to go one more tour of the circuit, which wouldn't matter anyway, since the stage was neutralised.)