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2016 Giro d'Italia - Stage 7 Sulmona – Foligno 211 km

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Who will win Stage 7?

  • Breakaway Rider

    Votes: 6 11.1%
  • Marcel Kittel

    Votes: 19 35.2%
  • Andre Greipel

    Votes: 14 25.9%
  • Giacomo Nizzolo

    Votes: 2 3.7%
  • Sacha Modolo

    Votes: 3 5.6%
  • Arnaud Demare

    Votes: 3 5.6%
  • Caleb Ewan

    Votes: 2 3.7%
  • Elia Viviani

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • Moreno Hofland

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other (Vino)

    Votes: 4 7.4%

  • Total voters
Re: Re:

Cance > TheRest said:
Bushman said:
Cance > TheRest said:
Brullnux said:
Mr.White said:
Why? Did Gaviria won something more significant than Ewan?

In professional road cycling? Track world championships doesn't count

Gaviria has beaten sprintere like Sagan, Cavendish, Viviani, Modolo multiple times, he beat Greipel in a man on man sprint, he took his first WT victory just a couple of months after turning pro in Tirreno (where he beat Ewan). He has already showed top speed to place him amongst the 5 fastest sprinters in the world, Ewan never showed that kind of top speed.

He also showed endurance beyond his age when he was in a potential winning position in MSR with 800 metres to go. He showed great climbing for a sprinter several times and he showed he can handle the cobbles decently already even though they are very new to him.

He is in another league.
Even if Gaviria has greater potential, it's still not an answer to the question, is it? So far Ewans results are still better and he has won a more significant victory with his Vuelta victory.

As for the potential MSR-outcome, had Gaviria not crashed . . I'm really wondering why Ewan get's such a hard bashing today, when it's Gaviria, who could not control his bike and ruined the race the race for other top favourites :rolleyes:
I think Gaviria has shown more potential as a grand tour sprinter, while Ewan has been the most consistent across different races, and better on the rolling terrain (even though Gaviria pipped him uphill at Tirreno). The funny thing is that Gaviria seems to enjoy the Classics even though he seems spent at the end, while Ewan always saves himself for the field sprints even tough he can't seem to match the Greipels and Cavs. Their talents might not be altogether aligned with their predilections. Or maybe the just need to grow into the latter, they're both 21.

I hope that these guys flourish into the next Cipollini and McEwen, they've definitely shown hints of greatness, but there a chance we may be talking about the next Tyler Farrar and Sam Dumoulin. The fact that there's an entire thread on this even though AFAIK they've gone up against each other once, and moreover we can't seem to avoid the discussion on a thread where one placed fourth and the other was watching from home seems a little troubling. Evermore the future seems to keep us from the present.

So congratulations to the Gorilla, a good guy, a great sprinter, an amazing all-around bike rider, and a walking reminder that predictions are hard, especially about the future.