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2016 Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah, August 1 to 7

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BigMac said:

This photo was taken in Arizona, though... :eek:

Re: Re:

BigMac said:
roundabout said:
BigMac said:
roundabout said:
Note to self, don't forget to hide the commentary next time as it is still not in sync with the video

Andreu and Johnson or the ticker on the side?

The ticker. I think that's what the option is there for.

I don't see that option. Odd.

Click on settings in the bottom left corner and then untick commentary on the bottom right corner of the settings window.

And voila, no more ticker spoilers.

GenericBoonenFan said:
Kinda sad forr this race that my stagefavorite was Kiel reijnen
I didn't see what happened, but in the story, Kiel said that he broke a few spokes and had to walk to the finish with his bike in one hand and his wheel in the other. I've broken a few spokes before and just opened my brakes and finish the ride/race. Was it worse that the written description? Is Kiel being a drama prince? Was he trying to make a statement?