2016 TdF, Stage 12: Montpellier → Mont Ventoux (178km)

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DFA123 said:
Samamba said:
So Navarro wins?

Maybe Pauwels if he finds his good legs again.
Rosa is lurking about five minutes behind the main break. He could get pretty close on that first smaller climb, then reel them in on Ventoux.
Going to be difficult for Navarro and Rosa when there's so much riding to be done on flat roads with a lot of wind. Even getting into the break would have been a big effort for them
Watching Tour extra on Eurosport right now and they say that there are very strong crosswinds on the foot of the climb. Maybe that's the reason why GC teams take it easy. Can't spend their riders just yet.

rick james said:
The other GC teams don't get it, this soft pedalling the stage is playing right into the hands of Froome
Damned if the do and damned if they don't, If they race aggressively they risk Sky making a move in the crosswinds again, if they give Froome a 30s head start up the Ventoux he will TT his way up to the finish no problem.
Jul 14, 2016
Does there being a breakaway have any bearing on the GC?

Why would Froome or Quintana care if there's a rioder 10mins ahead of them, it's only their relative times that matter right?
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Samamba said:
staubsauger said:
De Gendt ain't no bad potential winner at Chalet Reynard. After all this is the pal that saved the 2012 Giro with his stunnig win at the Stilfser Joch!-
This isn't the same De Gendt, I mean the climber De Gendt is gone. Still a great rider, but I don't think he has a chance with Navarro in the break. Or he needs to go before the climb begins.
True. But Navarro ain't that strong this Tour as well so far. So who knows!?

Pauwels and Tekleheimanot even might come out as the strongest.