2016 TdF, Stage 12: Montpellier → Mont Ventoux (178km)

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Andro said:
Chris Anker being in the break means I probably won't tune in before Ventoux starts. The Danish commentators are going to overhype him so much the entire broadcast, even though he's nowhere near good enough to win the stage even from this break. It's unbearable.
Haha this is so true :D I hope he has a mechanical and is dropped from the break.
Aug 31, 2012
Shameful, but isn't not nearly as iconic without the real finish, so whatever

We're still going to see Quintana emerge from behind Froome and test him. I think.

staubsauger said:
De Gendt ain't no bad potential winner at Chalet Reynard. After all this is the pal that saved the 2012 Giro with his stunnig win at the Stilfser Joch!-
This isn't the same De Gendt, I mean the climber De Gendt is gone. Still a great rider, but I don't think he has a chance with Navarro in the break. Or he needs to go before the climb begins.