2016 TdF, Stage 12: Montpellier → Mont Ventoux (178km)

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ILovecycling said:
Hugo Koblet said:
ILovecycling said:
Hugo Koblet said:
ILovecycling said:
Aru is done :(
Stupid referee
Stupid referee? If anyone is stupid, it's Aru. It makes no sense to change bikes there. Hopefully he gets a time punishment for his obvious cheating.
Lol he didnt have his bike, he needed to change for his
What cheating lol?
You think that Grand Tours should be decided by mechanicals? :eek:
Lol he could have just waited 10 km's and changed bike on the cat. 4 climb. He would have had no trouble getting back to the group then.
The cheating of drifting in the slipstream of the team car, the "oh hang on to the car, we have to fix something on your bike...", or the sticky bottles. You take your pick.
I took mine, you took yours, there is nothing more to discuss.
Wait, isn't the whole premise of a discussion that two (or more) people have different opinions?