2016 TdF, Stage 13: Bg-St-Andéol → Caverne Pont-d'Arc (38km)

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They shouldn't show the time of 1st place unless a rider is on course to beat it, it's a lot more exciting if you see 1st and 2nd, then as the rider is slower than 2nd, you see 2nd and 3rd, and so on.
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Walkman said:
Dekker_Tifosi said:
If there's ever a tour with 2 long time trials of 50km with wind. Then Dumoulin wins
Hopefully next year, Froome vs Dumoulin!
We've had 2 Climber heavy Tours in row, wouldn't be surprised to see a TT specialist one next.
ASO trying to give Dumoulin the advantage Froome.

(Not that it think it will help)
Re: 2016 TdF, Stage 13: Bg-St-Andéol → Caverne Pont-d'Arc (3

Barguil lost 3 mins to Geraint

and 5 mins to Dumoulin.

Could be set for some brutal gaps for the smaller guys.