2016 TdF, Stage 14: Montélimar → Villars-les-Dombes (209km)

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Jul 6, 2012
Well, some of the best GT stages the past years have been flat that then turned out to be GC amazing (the flattest stage ever record in the Giro anyone?), but
if this one happens to join them, I'll be pleasantly amazed! Thanks ASO for encouraging me to get out on my bike instead!

PS Oh, wait, what? I'm working and my 3rd monitor is free? You F&^*ing B##*ards!!!!
It is Le Tour de France. Bastille day on Thursday, therefore Vent de Forrest Gump. Followed by most of the country being on holiday Friday therefore the ITT. Saturday probably has more TV competition in France, so do the transitional stage, this time a sprint.

Irish and American viewers who don't pay much collectively are thumbed at by the AST as they cater to the local audience who pay the executives massive bonuses and JV very little.

Follow the money, but don't hang on too long

52520Andrew said:
Strong winds but we are going north pretty much right into them so it should be a sprint at the end. Going to guess Greipel but Cav and Kittel are very likely as well.
I'd normally expect a break to win, but given the conditions, I'll go for Cav to outwile Kittel.
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Tonton said:
Pricey_sky said:
Didn't the Tour organise a similar sprint stage in the penultimate weekend last year too? Sure Greipel won it, I hope its not the start of a trend. I like to see GC stages on a weekend.
Yeah, wtf is that? That's where the ITT should be, flip-flop. Regardless, I'd like Bryan to get this one. Or Haimar to out sprint Cavendish.
i'd love to se bryan finally win!
Re: 2016 TdF, Stage 14: Montélimar → Villars-les-Dombes (209

I've Heard from most people there is wind.
Sky might struggle without Stannard.
Not sure how affected everyone else was by that crash.

ebandit said:
Pricey_sky said:
like to see GC stages on a weekend.
sometimes the good people of france's bastille day....is more important than those watching

around the world...

here for a joyous thommy v lone break.....or coquard.....

Mark L
Yes obviously days like Bastille day are an exception, but it's still better to have GC stages on a weekend where typically more people can watch key stages.
Aug 6, 2011
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RattaKuningas said:
Hugo Koblet said:
Expected time of finish?
I just consulted with a clairvoyant, she agrees with you.

Maybe stages like this one might force to TdF to reconsider the stage designs. I think there are plenty of options to create incentives for attackers without denying sprinters a chance for the win. However, that would probably involve the willingness to "spend" one of the available classification slots to create such incentives or an overhaul of an existing one.

For one, the KOM classification doesn't mean "Best Climber in the Race without a Willingness to Actually Specifically Hunt for King of Mountain passages" classification to me. The current design, with the heavy focus on MTFs for KOM-points kinda defeats the purpose of the classification for me, as a rider who ignores most of the mountains in the race can still win the classification. If you alter that, a few lower category mountains are incentive enough for KOM-contenders to have a go. It also makes it a truly separate classification from the GC.
Jun 28, 2011
There is nothing wrong with this stage. ASO couldn't have predicted 60 km/h headwinds 8 months before the race. They just went through big mountains and a hard TT, and there are big mountains coming up, what else do you want them to do?