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2016 Tour de France, Stage 21: Chantilly → Paris (113km)

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There was a crash just visible on screen, but that was when front of race was at about 3.2km, so place of crash a bit more away.

But commissaires decided this wasn't really part of the race, even decided that there was less than a second in front of the Sky formation dancing squad.
I like Purito and he deserves the 7th place after he showed some balls yesterday, but this is a *** decision. The crash with the Lotto Jumbo guy (Roosen?) was at 3.2km, so not inside the 3km. You can't just change the rules everyday. Why not give Porte his 2 minutes back if you're giving everyone time bonuses?

Anyway, glad that Greipel took the win, his GT streak still stands.