2016 Tour de Pologne, 2.UWT, July 12-18

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Could have been an epic win for Cannondale if not Wellens. :(

Toms Skujins praised Castelli clothes after LBL very much. Could this be the reason why Cannondale didn't fail miserably in this kind of conditions?

Kudos to Alberto Bettiol. I think he is more of a sprinter than a climber, yet he finished 5th here and was 2nd best rider from such a high quality breakaway.

I wish Formolo could win the stage tomorrow and leave AG2R as the only team without a WT win this year. Knowing Cannondale, they'll drop a lot of positions in GC before the end of the race, though.
Feb 6, 2016

Stilletto said:
Wow just checked the official website
100 tiders left
Astana & One Pro down to 2 men ! What a team meeting that will be tomorrow !!
DS: So, guys, how we feeling today? Good legs?
AZ: I'm all right
DC [looking into the middle distance, teeth chattering]: cold.....cold.....wet.....cold.....rain...Tim...
DS: so, the plan for today is, we attack maybe at some point, sound good with everyone?
AZ: I think I could manage that, but it'd be great if I could get some real support from my team, you know what I mean?
DC: rain....cold....rain......
AZ: Dario, you'd better be better company tomorrow
DS: go team!
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