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2017 Amgen Tour of California, May 14-20, WT

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Mar 14, 2009
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Irondan said:
JosephK said:
Lest we forget at #10 on the GC battle: the stealth ninja himself, Mr. Haimar Zubeldia.
Did anyone get a chance to see him? :D

Just yesterday, to my surprise, I just noticed he was actually participating in the race and sitting at 12th place. Today like the true ninja he is, he sneaked unnoticed into the Top10.

BMC should hire him so he can teach TJ some new skills :)

woodburn said:
Were there actually intermediate splits? How can a WT race like this not have any timing on the course. Even Eurosport guys didn't have any information on Bennett until he was in finishing straight.
I think there was supposed to be an intermediate split at 12.4 km, at least there was that option in the live tracker that I was following http://microsofttourtracker.amgentourofcalifornia.com/. However, it didn't work.
Benett certainly evolved from a rider who finished an anonymous 30th in gc toward a rider that now is going to win his first stage race. Last year he allready improved to a near top 10 rider and this year he showed more progression.

Now this, well it's only California, but he still beats some good riders.
Oliver said:
Gesink will have to work for Bennett & Roglic in the tour I believe. I think he can forget to win a stage, strong duo and Gesink really sucks...

All 3 will get a free role to go for stages. Gesink has a better chance of winning a stage than Benett since he has a more punchy finish, but I think Benett will try to ride a GC.

Dekker_Tifosi said:
I'm worried about Majka now. If he can't beat this field then wtf is he going to do as team leader in the Tour aside from battling guys like Bennett for 10th place

Did anyone expect him to be much better than fighting for a top 10 in the Tour? Hopefully he will ship a load of time early and boring GC Majka will be replaced by attacking stagehunter/KoM Majka.