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2017 Amgen Tour of California, May 14-20, WT

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Cance > TheRest said:
Kudos to Lachlan Morton. Great ride today after the disastrous time trial yesterday. Truly deserving winner of the white jersey.
Morton has been around so long that I forgot he still qualified! Morton seems to have gotten his head in order these days, the time at Jelly Belly with his brother has certainly helped.
Is it just me, or was this the least inspiring TOC yet? I make this comment even in light of how close it was up to the last TT, and good showings by JB and Rally, and the transition to all-elite squads overall because of growing interest, mainly last year, and success of the addition of a woman's version.

Perhaps it's because year after year they ride over nearly the same roads, which covers maybe a quarter of the state, and leaves out a lot of scenery? Maybe it was just the last stage, which seemed to take place along wide, expansive concrete boulevards and expressways in Los Angeles/Pasadena, and riders coming into finish all scattered apart, like a charity century ride. I realize there are a lot of people in LA, plus easy access to hotels, transportation, TV, airports, but could they have chosen a less interesting place to finish?

I know the numbers tell a story of success, but something seemed amiss to me watching it all.
Bavarianrider said:
What ever happened to Phinney. Guess he LL retire soon.
I think that he is "trying to enjoy" cycling too much and that doesn't translate into wins. After the injury and surgeries that he has had, just riding in the group and doing work for the team is impressive though. Retirement wouldn't surprise me. I could also see him being a team worker and enjoying a few more years of this traveling circus.