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2017 Giro d'Italia, Stage 1: Alghero - Olbia 206 km

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Netserk said:
Irondan said:
Ewan looked really fast for second place, too bad his team was nowhere to be found when he needed them most.
It was an Orica rider who chased him most of the time, but who simply weren't strong enough.

Yes Edmondson could not close the gap, Postlberger even waited because I think he was supposed to lead out one of their sprinters. Very strong.
Carols said:
What an awesome finish! First ever stage of his first GT and he is in Pink! Postelburger, never heard of him. Chapeau Sir!

He's the least heralded of Bora's German speaking prospects (Buchmann, Konrad, Muhlberger, him), but he is a very strong rouleur. He smashed up the Ras as a Conti rider, and anyone who can win that race will make a good pro, won a stage of the Tour of Austria, was the youngest ever Austrian RR winner. He got his chance with Bora the hard way, winning hard man .2s around Europe.

He was also strong in the cobbled races this year, finishing 5th in E3.

Really, really pleased for him.
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Irondan said:
deValtos said:
I just realized Benedetti is Bora also. They just crushed this first stage and presumably picked up all the jerseys? Well played.
They gotta get em while they can.. :D

Well yes, they aren't going to be at the pointy end of the GC, but they actually have a really nice team in this race. Poestlberger, Muhlberger and Konrad are all very interesting prospects, Bennett and Pelucchi for the sprints, Benedetti's a capable all rounder etc.
Aug 16, 2013
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That was hilarious. Postlberger did even hold back at 2 km to go because he already had a gap!

Great start of La Corsa Rosa! It bodes well for some epic crazy racing the next weeks! :)