2017 Giro d'Italia, Stage 3 - Tortoli - Cagliari 148km

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Entertaining dozen kilometres. The gains could've been more significant, though.
Every region should provide a stage of GC importance. That's how the race should look alike.

Congrats to Gaviria and QS.
Excellent team.
Good racing!
Your top sprinter isn't in top form for a flat out head to head sprint, cross winds, your team are great in cross winds. All makes perfect sense.

Great ride by Nizzolo to to make that split after yesterdays performance. Very encouraging for him after the lay off.
I like Gaviria and think he's a huge talent, but beating Selig in a two up sprint says nothing much about his sprint form. That he was there to do it shows he's a strong guy in the wind, but it would have been a disaster had he managed to lose the sprint.