2019 Binck Bank Tour, 12-18 August (2.WT)

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Lol, he has to strike really hard if he has to win now xD

Stupid work impeding me from watching the important part of the race.

How on earth did they come up with giving Teunissen the same time as Valgren???
I've been wondering the same thing . The bug is still not fixed on the few sites I have checked (they are probably all using the same source).

If you have Eurosport player, you can always watch on demand
Jumbo-Visma made a complete mess of that.

They had Teunissen in the chasing group, who was best placed on the GC and had clearly the fastest sprint in that group.

De Plus, on the other hand, was never going to win a three up sprint and ended up even losing a few seconds.

De Plus should have been doing no work whatsoever over the last 20km or so.

Had they done that then:

(a) If it hadn't come back together then De Plus would've been the freshest of the three and might have had a chance;
(b) If it had come back together then Teunissen probably wins the sprint and would now be leading the GC.
I more or less completely disagree.

Of course, you could argue that de Plus should never have been their captain for the race to begin with - but he is, and he basically achieved the best possible result for him. The team set him up perfectly, and Jumbo putting the hammer down early on, was one of the main reasons it became an entertaining stage to watch.