2019 Giro d'Italia Stage 20: Feltre - Monte Avena 194 km

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sir fly said:
SafeBet said:
Impressive performance by Ghebreigzabhier today.
You wrote that only to show you can spell it, admit.
And I had to copy/paste it anyway.

No seriously, he took it easy in the past couple of stages, but I wasn't expecting him to be so good in such a hard stage. Now on the attack again.

Is Yates back in the peloton?
Let me see if I get this straight:
Out front there are the five guys.
Then the three guys chasing.
Then the peloton.
Then the guys who're dropped.
And finally - maybe in multiple groups - the guys who are totally dropped.
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Cance > TheRest said:
Tigerion said:
Was that Yates just tagging onto the back of the peloton?
Yep, looked like Philip.
But he must have been far far behind when he's only managed to get back by now. It's not that unlikely that top 10 disappears for him today.
Yates is the negative surprise of the Giro, I think. Before stage 1, I had no expectation he would be out of the top 3, let alone struggling like this. Maybe illness?