2019 Giro d'Italia Stage 20: Feltre - Monte Avena 194 km

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Kokoso said:
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Kokoso said:
RedheadDane said:
Kokoso said:
Izagirre is really disappointing this Giro. What's wrong with him?
I'd completely forgotten he was in the race... :eek:
Sadly I did not. Cataldo and especially Bilbao are disappointing, too. Carretero and Pedrero, on the other hand...
The guys who won stages are disappointing?
Yes. Not every stage win is because of great shape. Sometimes average riders win stages.
Different objectives. Astana after Lopez lost tons of time turned to stage wins for a bit, and the riders they tasked with it succeeded. Cataldo is also 34 and past his best, but both him izagirre and bilbao have been in quite a lot of breakaways and let's be fair here, astana have been one of the standout teams along with movistar and have worked very well for lopez.
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bajbar said:
Is it just me or does Nibali look... not too good...
Yeah, looks really bad.
Still hope everything is not lost. Big effort too soon in the stage, better guys at this, very high level. From Fred Portoleau: 6.3W/kg for the last 5km Manghen for Lopez/Cara/Landa, 6.1 for Nibs/Roglic with 120 km to go.
They rode it with a very negative split.

Which is also why everything came back.