2019 Tour de France Predictions Challenge

There always is a predictions thread, why don't we add some spice to it and give one of us some bragging rights?

List your top-10. Any of your riders who reaches Paris in the top-10 earns you 1 point. If a rider that you chose finishes at the exact spot that you predicted, add 2 points. 3 point bonus per rider that you picked to podium and delivers. Tie breakers:1. predicting the winner, 2. number of riders on the podium, 3. riders in the top-5, 4. stages won by your picks, 5. KOM points scored by your best three KOM point scorers. 6. Vino wins :D .

Entries valid until Friday July 5th at 11:59 pm Paris time.

1. Thomas
2. Pinot
3. A. Yates
4. Quintana
5. Kelderman
6. Fuglsang
7. Bardet
8. Nibali
9. Bernal
10. Zakarin
1. Pinot
2 Fuglsang
3 Bardet
4 Uran
5 E Mas
6 Thomas
7 Landa
8 Valverde
9 D Martin
10 Nibali

You have no idea how tempted I am to put Landa 4th, just because of that being so close yet so far away from the podium thing that has happened to him a couple of times now.

(Edited to add E before Mas to specify which Mas I'm referring to.)
It's a really difficult year to predict. We don't know who the leader will be at Ineos, and we don't know what to expect from the riders who already did the Giro. So I end up with this ridiculous top 10:

1. Bernal
2. Fuglsang
3. Quintana
4. Bardet
5. A. Yates
6. Pinot
7. Poels
8. Landa
9. Buchmann
10. Van Garderen

By the way there's a different way to calculate the points that might be better. You multiply the points of the prediction with the points of the result. 10th place = 1 point; 9th place = 2 points etc. E.g. If my #4 Bardet finishes second he would give me 7 x 9 = 63 points. It's just a suggestion.
1. Bernal
2. Pinot
3. A Yates
4. Thomas
5. Quintana
6. Bardet
7 Landa
8 Valverde
9 D Martin
10. Dennis

Difficult to predict. I threw in some Aussie bias at the end. Would be good to see I was impressed with him at TdS.
Yates twins thrown out - 50 Yates clones found in a big garden shed belonging to the Raël Movement in Lancashire.

G abandons after spotted on first rest day outside local pâtisserie with a box of chocolate eclairs and drinking café au lait.

Nibali signs book deal for "Vincenzo's Voodoo book for kids".

Valverde, Quintana and Landa get in fist fight over team leadership.

Someone steals Pruhomme's flag just before start of last stage and has to use large ladle instead.

Team mechanic at Trek posts photos online of LRP asleep with Froome pillow, duvet cover and bed sheets.


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