2019 Tour de France, stage 1: Bruxelles > Brussel, 194,5 km

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Velolover2 said:
Screecher said:
What is GVA doing in the breakaway? Is this how he wants to take the yellow jersey? Interesting tactic...
Polka dots? I'd like to see him doing an "Alaphilippe". :D
faut etre un roi pour faire du A la Phillipe.. mais GVA and Alaphillipe peuvent essayer aujourd'hui. Bruxelles aime les rois
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18-Valve. (pithy) said:
Logic-is-your-friend said:
GVA just wanted the points. Lets the break go.
For some reason CCC (Piva?) wants a good TTT result. Not sure what the point of that is if you can't win or podium the TTT. Or probably not even reach the top 5.
I suppose the plan is to be in the reach of the Yellow jersey before the third and, maybe, fifth stage.
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Salvarani said:
sir fly said:
Salvarani said:
Would have been cool if they would have included a few more of these hills
Racing-wise, probably. But wouldn't be as fitting in the stage concept.
I know... I wasnt asking for a Ronde van Vlaanderen type stage but just a couple more hills would have been nice. Like 4-6 in total. Maybe a couple within the last 50km.
They have to get back to the finish in Brussels, you know.