2020 Vuelta rumors

Aaaight. Thought there was a thread for this, but couldn't find it.

So we know it starts in Utrecht, NL, making it the first city to host the start of all Grand Tours. They'll spend 3 days in the Netherlands and they look like this

Stage 1: Utrecht - Utrecht 23.7 km TTT
Stage 2: Den Bosch - Utrecht 183 km
Stage 3: Breda - Breda 194 km

Stage 2 will go through the Utrecht hill ridge, which means it will be the 2nd flattest Vuelta stage after the 3rd Dutch stage but it will probably be an excuse to hand out a KoM jersey.

Stage 3 will be confined to the province of Noord-Brabant. You can get somewhat close to the coast but they won't, which means echelon action is unlikely.

Now that the excitement is undoubtedly killing you guys, let's talk about the rest of the Vuelta. What's the rumors? What are we hoping for?

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say we'll get Covadonga
I'll take your word and kill the excitement. :p

According to Guillén the route is already done. We'll probably be short on leaks as last year. The rumour is that in a year with Olympics and Worlds for climbers the Vuelta route will be dissapointing.

There's a web site with details of the first three stages
If they're gonna make a lame route, I mostly just hope they still get a decent balance between TTage and climbing.

24km TTT deffo in the wrong direction

But where's the disappointment rumor coming from?
But where's the disappointment rumor coming from?
Spanish forum pundits based on the 2018 route, which IMHO has been the worst since 2012.

Then there are old news (from February) about a bid for a MTF at a climb with name starting with C but not Covadonga.
Yeah 2018 was indeed the worst.

Actually I think 2012 wasnt the most ridiculous of the decade though. I thought 2013 and 2016 were worse or at least had much worse balance.

I'm kinda surprised of all the crazy climbs introduced over the years it's La Camperona that became the regular one. Must have a bet how long it will take for the GC group to win there.

Would love to see one of Cuitu Negru, Ancares or Hazallanas back. Last 2 Vuelta's were kinda lacking for hard 30 minute+ climbs.
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Oct 5, 2010
Other stages

3 stages in Galicia (Itt with Ezaro, one stage in Ourense (Maybe Luintra again) and a stage finish in Ancares
Probably a stage finish in Lagos de Covadonga and La Farrapona


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