2020 Vuelta rumors

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La Depeche are saying the French stage will finish at Tourmalet, starting from Biescas or Sabiñanigo. That would mean Pourtalet and Aubisque, and given that it's supposed to be the queen stage, perhaps Gaborisse or Spandelles too. Much more surprisingly, it should be on Friday the 28th... which is stage 13. Not only does the Vuelta usually put its queen stage in the weekend, it also fits weirdly with the rest of the route. Without Andorra, it's difficult to see where the mountains in the next two stages would be, and it also fits poorly with a Vitoria-Valdegovia somewhere in the second week and Galicia anywhere in the route. Not sure what to make of it really.
The two stages in the Pyrenees will be scheduled on the weekend at the end of the first week (22-23 of August).
The day before there will be a flat stage finish at Ejea de los Caballeros
The same article also mentions Logroño-Moncalvillo on stage 6. If true, that's the first week sorted, with 4 or 5 mountain stages out of 6 depending on where Stage 8 finishes. Also, with the Ejea stage starting from Soria with Moncalvillo the day before, it looks like Urbion is out.
That would mean Arrate, Lekunberri, Moncalvillo and Laguna Negra back-to-back in Week 1, seems weird. Also Stage 7 is strongly rumoured as Soria-Ejea, so it doesn't fit anyway. Still think the only way Moncalvillo and Laguna Negra are both in is if the former comes in week 2 as it seems either of the two will be on Stage 6 and Soria wouldn't be the start of Stage 7 if Laguna Negra is much later in the race.
Marca are now saying that Angliru will be in the route. If so, it will be either the first time in over a decade that Covadonga misses out two years in a row, or the second time ever (and the first since 2000) that both climbs feature in the race.