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2020 World Championships - now confirmed for Imola, Italy.

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Dutch giving a lesson on how to exploit your talent and numbers.

it’s more interesting how often they manage to screw up, given that they have the top three favourites for just about any race and domestiques who would be absolute leader on almost every other team.

really, the only tactical insight the Dutch need amounts to don’t stab yourself in the face and you’ll be fine
i think she is just done.
Ah, but I need to be able to believe.

Also, as long as they think Anna is catchable, it makes total sense for Elisa and Cecilie to make Lizzie do more work, because neither of them will stand a snowball's chance in hell against her in a sprint, and they can't ask Annemiek to help because of Anna being up the road. But that goes out the window if Anna's gap goes up the way it has.