2021 Bretagne Classic, 1.WT, 29 August

Starting shortly, it is WT so there ought to be something.
Eurosport from 11:30 CET

250.5 km, 4016 m of vertical gain,
View: https://imgur.com/eh4Y0ZB

Clockwise at the beginning and end, anticlockwise in the western stretches around this elongated figure of eight to the coast and back:
View: https://imgur.com/BJ0AQvL

Gravel section with c 80 km remaining (the red writing on the map).
Very low likelihood of rain, wind up to 22km/h from northeast.

Odds (better of Bet365 or Unibet, as reported by nicerodds)

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This must be the best race I never care about.
I end up watching it almost every year and it's often entertaining but I kinda forget it exists until the day before.
Considering how late this thread was opened I'm probably not the only one.
Thanks for starting the thread. Was looking for this yesterday in the lesser known races and ended up getting a bit of a spoiler for Brussels.

Looks like a good parcour here. Wondering how hard the punchier sprinters like Nizzolo, Ballerini, Vendrame, Turgis et al will find this?