2021 Giro d'Italia, Stage 19: Abbiategrasso - Alpe di Mera 166 km

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What is gonna happen?

  • Bernal bonk

    Votes: 5 6.8%
  • Yates yeet

    Votes: 7 9.5%
  • Almeida almighty

    Votes: 19 25.7%
  • Caruso cruisin'

    Votes: 9 12.2%
  • breakaway take away

    Votes: 14 18.9%
  • Vincenzo victory

    Votes: 10 13.5%
  • I hate rhymes and alliterations

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In fairness I know I'm just being dramatic.

What kills me is not that Ineos have 1 really strong rider with 1 amazing domestique it's that no matter who they send they have the best 2. Even when it's looking good for other teams the likes of Rowe and Dennis become the best doms ever.

Landa, Porte, Froome, Martinez, Kwiato when will it end and we get to see real 1 on 1 racing
It's a team sport, so not very often if teams have more than one strong rider.
I really don't think he ran into his limit or cracked at the end at all. He just kept the same pace rather than do the traditional hard effort to the finish. He looked completely different than yesterday at the finish and was in no way giving it his all at the end for a few extra seconds. At this point he's trying not to do any extreme efforts. He and the team did exactly what he said they were going to do yesterday
Yep. After the garbage job done by RAI at this race, let's give them some credit today.
Great close up shots of Bernal's face in the last few kms and he never looked in much trouble or to be suffering
Good win by Yates - Best he can hope for is second and then he'll need lots of luck - And then Yates can chase stages at the TDF - Disregard Copeland's statement - Almeida has let a lesson in the last two days - By not contributing with Yates and today Bernal he has potentially cost himself a stage win.
Copeland to RAI: "Simon doesn't care about the podium. We'll try to win the race tomorrow. It's hard because we lost Schultz and Nieve is injured, but perhaps we can get some help from other teams."
It's a nice statement, but I don't really buy it. Even with the stage win and a nice cushion to 4th.

Yates is welcome to prove me wrong though.
Great win by Simon Yates. But his job is almost impossible now with the disparity of team strength.
This. It will be very, very hard to isolate Bernal enough to get a big gap on him. They (as in, Bikeexchange, with the presumed willing assistance of Quickstep and Bahrain)'ll have to try and drop Ganna and Moscon on the San Bernardino, but then after that they might not have the horsepower to drop Castroviejo and Martinez on the subsequent climbs.
Can someone explain to me why Bernal is fading after today stage?
I just saw the results and he just came in 3rd. I really hope to fade like that one day!
Maybe he's fading. Or maybe it's just that Yates finally shows the strength everybody expected from him, now that the weather is better, and Almeida is free and eats.
If you compare Bernal to the others like Carthy, Vlasov, Bardet, it actually doesn't look like he's fading, no. (But he's not getting stronger either.)