2021 Giro Route Rumours

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not marginal at all. Even the climb to Guarene is another side, was originally 2 km at 9% and now it's 3 km at 6%. It's a completely different finale now.
Hmm, by comparing the two maps (Original, revised) it seems to me that only the descent is different, but that the ascent is the same.

EDIT: Ah, I take it that the sprint icon hides that while the original route went through Sotteri, the revised route continues on SP341 through Pidelmonte.
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You can compare with the old profiles on steephill.tv.

Marginal change to stage 3, the tiny bump is removed and the finish is 3.3 km further from the climbs.
I feel like that might have a pretty significant impact on the stage though. The stage now ends with 12 entirely flat kilometres, so this seems more likely to end in a bunch sprint now. I think the original version would have caused a very, very interesting battle for pink.

Edit: So the only climb remaining in the finale got changed as well? That really sucks actually. Man, I was really looking forward to that stage.

And another edit: It's kinda funny though how they changed the stages but now their ratings. Stages 3 and 4 are now both 3 star stages but one is a pretty flat stage, likely for the sprinters, while the other one has a mtf and will have a proper gc battle
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I see in the start list for Bike Exchange riders like Simon Yates and Chaves. It looks like they want to go all in for the Giro. They know that they have no chance at the Tour and come here to get the win.
They are definitely going in for the Giro - Yates rides consistently and he can podium if not better - The TDF will be a mixed team with L.Hamilton being the notional GC rider but having little or no team support - They will hunt stages with Matthews and S.Yates. Interesting that Chaves form has made the team select him for the Giro.
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