2021 Trentino European Championships 8-12 September

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Yeah it was a good 1 min though

and he indeed looked better than since a long long time which is great to see
He had some decent results in the French races he did as well.
Also... for a guy who doesn't really like the attention, having a spectial jersey would probably not be a good idea.

His problem is his old age.
Now, you behave yourself! Disrespectful kid...

If you want to make a WC route out of this one just make the initial road part of the race longer and harder. I wouldn't mind a full lap over Monte Bondone early on in a WC.
Or just... more laps of the circuit?
Or a combo...
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What the hell is going on? Why are they racing like lunatics in an event nobody ever cared about before? It’s great, but I want to know why…
Factors I can come up with:
good quality start list
with many climbers and not too many sprinters / classics guys who are probably more focused on the WC
some teams practically only have climbers, like the Portuguese, and worked on the first climb
not much to lose for some
some riders are taking their opportunity because they won't be leaders at the bigger races
no clear 1-2 favourites that everybody looks at to work
some naturally attacking riders in the race