2021 World Championships in Flanders: Road Races

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Big blow for GB team with Hayter down. Think he would have been the main man today there.
Really? He's had a good year but his wins have all been 160km-long x.1 races. I would be surprised if he's there in the finale.

Man, these World have been depressing. Boring races so far and we we all know next year will be 10x worse. Maybe just spoiled by the past 3 consecutive years of good Worlds courses.
Yep, Brits already learned their lesson and look when they are now.
Totally different race I know, but the way the GB junior women's team rode was absolutely text book. Set up Zoe perfectly, especially Flora marking everything. Then Zoe executed the finale to absolute perfection.

It's a very technical twisty parcours. The front is definitely the place to be on this course, in all races.