Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia, Stage 19: Marano Lagunare – Santuario di Castelmonte 178 km (Friday, May 27th)

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Congrats to Bouwman.
Deserved winner of the jersey. And the stages maybe worth even more.

At least there's no question whether the top three are the strongest in the race.

Too little action for the profile. I'm blaming Saturday.
Are people forgetting how awful the 2017 Giro was? There wasn't a single stage with GC action before the final climb. This year's Torino stage alone puts this year ahead.
Nah the 2017 Giro was an entertaining race, not on the level of 2015/16/18 races, but was still a really good race. With the suprise of the first stage, carnage of Blockhaus, stage 16 for many reasons and the last week was entertaining.
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I think I agree on watching the replay, there was no gap there. Bouwman was clearly in front and has a right to choose his line, especially around a corner. It looked bad, but I think he did nothing wrong.
Yes, I think there was not enough room for a rider to come through on the inside of Bouwman approaching the turn, and he just kept moving in the direction that would give him the shortest route to the finish line.
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