Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia, Stage 6: Palmi – Scalea 192 km (Thursday, May 12th)

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I don't know how fast Red Rick goes with his bike... but it has nothing to do with it.
If I see an athlete running 100m in 15 seconds I can say that he went slow (because he did), no matter how fast I can run myself.
You don't understood the point.
the point is that also if you are a professional is not easy to run 150/200 km stage every day for 3 weeks.

this is the reason why the third week often there are good rider that fades and other that gave their best.

so it's ok for me to give a couple of stages (no more) like this
Or the opposite?

My proposal is to sub multiple short laps, not quite as short as a crit, for a stage like this this. Maybe 5 km long each, with some meaningful intermediate bonuses to encourage breaks, but a long, safe run in to create a bunch sprint.
The less distance you travel in the stages , the longer is the transfer for the riders on the bus after the stage. Light nights, early mornings etc. It is a Giro d'italia, a tour of Italy, not just any multi day event in one place.
Though today‘s stage seems to be „boring“ until now, I would never complain about too boring racing in Italy. Sadly, (pro) races in Italy are notorious for being nervous and dangerous. I think of cases like Weylandt, Milo Ravasio, and others, which even were fatal.

In recent past, it often have been the stages which were meant to be boring that offered most surprises.

Maybe we see surprises and some action today, in the finale. Most important thing, however, should be that they all make it healthy to the finish line and the hotel.
the point is that also if you are a professional is not easy to run 150/200 km stage every day for 3 weeks.
These people do routinely much harder training rides.
And Red's point was that amateurs could keep the pace of this peloton, which is definitely true (good amateurs, not everyone). Riding 40 kph alone is hard, but this is not riding alone. A well trained person could totally do it.

I'm not blaming the riders though. I also slack off at work if I don't have a pressing deadline. I'm blaming the route.
How much worse can it get than a single breakaway rider? Maybe they should boycott racing like they did a year or two, not sure f it was in the Giro or tour, where there was no breakaway or racing of any kind of the whole day, they just rolled along in the peloton all day.
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I think that another reason of today slow stage is that tomorrow is a real good chance for a break.

So stage hunters don't want to throw away energy today.
I think it's a lot of shadow boxing as well, no one wants to take control.

Just to point this out, they're not even doing 40kph right now. They just dipped to a hair under 36kph. And this isn't your average group ride, it's a 200 rider full peloton. After about three riders deep you're almost getting sucked by the peloton. Any half-fit cyclist could join this bunch. They would be terrified and an absolute terror to the pros, though. They're pretty much all in Zone 1 at this point. I wonder if some coaches are going send some riders to push the pace just so that the riders get a chance to stretch their legs, because good luck convincing the vets to hit the turbo after this.
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