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2022 Vuelta a Asturias (2.1) (29 Apr - 1 May)

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Me neither, sadly. But if he was, it's pretty nonsensical to say that Van der Poel can win at 60%.

There are also Ulissi, Covi, Girmay, Carapaz, Valverde, Bagioli and Almeida to contend with.
Ulissi could win cause he's Ulissi and it's the Giro. For the others I just think the finish is too easy.

Actually, I wonder if it's easy enough for Ewan to have a shot. But probably not.
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Oh, thats his son? I didnt even know. Seems a tad more talented than his dad. Tactically bad firing then, I guess.

Movistar just can't win. When they finally fire a DS because he isn't good at his job, it's a poor decision because he has a son that could have been an interesting signment.

I wonder what people would have said if they had kept José Luis just to not antagonise his son (and people knew that was the reason for him being kept on board).
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