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Vuelta a España 2022 Vuelta a Espana Stage 1(Utrecht-Utrecht), 23.3km TTT

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Yes. I have two questions on this.

  1. Is 2009 not before the timeframe?
  2. What on earth made you want to remember the 2009 Tour de Suisse?!
Excellent questions.

  1. I didn't read the rules, I guess. Netserk just made it sound like Cancellara was a slouch on longer courses, and well, thats not true. We can add that absolutely insane WC TT from the same year as well.
  2. For some reason, I stumbled across a highlight package from that race. This race was one of the worst in memory, so I went back and looked at how bad it actually looked. It was bad, and HTC of all teams dominated every uphill finish, but yeah, aint no one stood a chance against Fabian in Bern.
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Wow, Pelucchi and Furlan must have really upped their game!

The fight to make this team was tougher than the WT relegation battle. It almost came down to a standstill on the final climb, before a few guys were found to be faking it, because they were still able to speak coherently above 200(0) meters.

Another rider had an engine in his bike, which was obviously within the rules, but the judges were appalled when they discovered he had it switched off until the last kilometre.