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Vuelta a España 2022 Vuelta a Espana Stage 1(Utrecht-Utrecht), 23.3km TTT


It is time for the final GT of the year, the Vuelta a Espana. As with all GT’s this year, it starts in a foreign country, this time the Netherlands. As been discussed in the hype thread, it is a wide open race, with lots of possibilities for this race. A fairly technical TTT for the route this year, hopefully no water incidents occur like in 2019. Who will take the first red jersey, we will find out in a little over 24 more hours.


To amend the startlist, no Quintana for Arkea, they will line up with 7, and Madrazo for Burgos is out due to Covid, and in his place is Victor Langellotti, who won a stage at the Volta a Portugal.
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Is utrecht a good city ? Anybody from utrrecht here?

Long and deep history of cycling. I believe the first bike path in the Netherlands was created there over 100 years ago. Huge cycling infrastructure, but of course this means tons of road furniture. Commuter cycling is maybe more prevalent here than anywhere else in the western world.

Utrecht will be the second city to host a stage of all three Grand Tours.

It is beaten to the punch by Liège who got there in 2009 (there was a Giro stage finishing in Ans in 2002, so some say that Utrecht is the first city, but I don't think that is a reasonable claim given that Ans is a part of Liège).
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Team Time Trials is a quite historic and important discipline in cycling. For that reason alone (almost), Im fine with them, and when they are +10 kilometres long, theres something at stake as well.

Aint nobody can sit with a straight face and say they'd prefer to watch the two stages proceeding over the TTT. Theres something happening, there's small gaps, we get the teams introduced. Its not bad at all.