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Vuelta a España 2022 Vuelta a Espana Stage 2(s’Hertogenbosch- Utrecht), 175.1 Km Flat

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The riders going so slow because they want more time in the Netherlands
Local horeca are paying the riders to go extra slow, so people all over the country get drunk instead of getting bored out of their minds. It's a well known trick. My local football team applies the same tactic. Most people don't leave the cafeteria for the 2nd half.
Just watched it again. Answering a question of "Surely you're not saying you won't sprint tomorrow" or something like that, he said, "Yeah, not sprinting". Went on about supporting Roglič and how the team says he's really good at that. "Bigger fist to fry". Seemed very clear about it.

If you have GCN, go to 3:06:45 or so and you'll see that part of the interview.

OK then...
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