Giro d'Italia 2023 Giro d'Italia, Stage 14: Sierre – Cassano Magnago 193 km (Saturday, May 20th)

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And what you just said was exactly what I said.
There's no logic for him to just be like "you were all dopers so you have no say". That's not an argument, it's just a reactive comment to shift back blame.

But if he took a moment to ponder what he just said the only logical conclusion would be that a GT has to be shortened to avoid having to dope.
Not that he has any clue that it's what he's saying. But [journalist hat on] good journalist should've picked up on it lol. :grin:

no no, what you said was that logically then is G saying "you cannot do a GT in bad conditions without either doping or shortening it".

and hes not saying that at all, what hes saying is those riders, because of what they also were doing in the 80s/90s, dont get to have any valid say or input to how we go racing today, capiche ?

maybe if he'd been holding the interviewers microphone and just dropped it then walked off, it would have been more obvious.
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So what was this "go slow" by the peloton? Part protest to yesterday's events, part energy saving, part reaction to having to ride in rainy conditions for 2 weeks?
Well, Armirail has something to tell his grandkids and Denz is now "2 times GT stage winner" (which is something he probably only dreamed about). Gee is the new "Poulidor" but he's getting lots of UCI points for his team.
Congratulations to Nico Denz for the second stage win and to Bruno Armirail for taking the leaders jersey.

Finally some GC action. Armirail taking 20 minutes. I do wonder if such huge effort will cost him in week three. Broadcaster was so impressed that for the last half hour they didn't show gruppetto once. Pinot riding a small bike looked goatish.