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2023 Spring Classics CQ Game

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Pre covid it was before Eschborn-Frankfurt, but only 1.1 level. The last two years it was a clear 2 weeks after Frankfurt, which is already a bit of a minor squib as a final event, and to wait another fortnight for a probably even less consequential scoring opportunity seemed to draw things out into tedium. This year, to be honest, I didn't even think about it, but I probably would have left it out even if I had noticed, largely because of the Giro.

But I'd be delighted to include it if it is before or same weekend as Frankfurt any future year.
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Blues in the Bottle might have got excited if it were in the game with Eeckhoff being part of the sprint, and getting third, but he would have had to win to have him overhaul Evans is the Best. Search, TRiley and Vladimir also had Eeckhoff, and all three would have moved from low in the teens to high in the teens in the final results: Vladimir would have got a podium place in the Green points. But the game has to have a finish point, and that was in the Finanzplatz, so those things didn't happen and I am undoing that bit of whatiffery from the spreadsheet.
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