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Giro d'Italia 2024 Giro d'Italia route rumours

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I rode through Mortirolo and Gavia yesterday. Big road repair works on descents from both - maybe preparation for Giro 2024?
Not rumoured but the Giro could certainly need a classic Mortirolo stage to Aprica also via Tonale and Gavia.
Laghi di Cancano 2020 doesn't count?
Yeah, it was a bit longer than I remembered. So that counts.
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Oh well, the finish on Vesuvio was too good to be true for me anyway.

Is this the map? (shamelessly stolen from cicloweb, will take it down if someone complains)

With that high altitude stages Carapaz should give it a try again. Bernal should try at the Giro first as well. Hindley as well. He did great in the high altitude stages at the Giro in 2020. it looks promising.

The good thing about the Giro stages is that we enjoy watching the profiles and dreaming about the epic battles until the race starts. The reality is we usually get 1 or 2 stages cancelled or curtailed by bad weather and they are the most important ones. Lol.