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Giro d'Italia 2024 Giro d'Italia route rumours

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Thanks! It's seems weird though with a MTF bonanza in the first half of the race, and it would mean that the first rest day isn't in Abruzzo.
the first rest is gonna be in Campania either way, we already got the rumour a while ago. Up until the last week we thought stage 9 would end in Pompeii (which is still possible), but then recently we got news about the Vesuvius, so we went with that.
Strange route. Two GC relevant stages the first weekend, three consecutive and similar MTFs on stage 8-10 and possibly some very long mountain stages with long flat sections the last week. The positive aspect is a seemingly very good balance of ITT and mountain stages, that the toughest mountain stages comes after the ITT, that the pacing of the mountain stages seems rather good and that there are at least two or three big mountain stages the last 7 stages possible for creating huge time gaps.
Somewhat different than expected, but still pretty good. Fossano won't be an easy mass sprint.



This is the side of Maddalena they're doing. Really similar stage to the Jaizkibel stage in the most recent Tour - this climb is both marginally harder and marginally further from the finish.

The hill into Fossano I think they're doing is 1.6k at just under 5%, fairly similar to the Frascati finish in the 2019 Giro (2.0k at 4.4%) won by Carapaz after a huge crash, only unlike that stage there should be perhaps a kilometre of flat/false flat after it.
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Not sure if it is the same, but it might be.
Yeah, just found it too. Based on other bits and bobs I can find, they finished on Viale Regina Elena and then definitely went through Largo degli Eroi from the north based on this picture.

That would make the route below the final 3k of that race. Not sure if they're taking the same route into the finish (or indeed finishing in the same place) after the hill but it is most probably at least the same hill (which is indeed the hill I thought it was).

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Weither you complain or not, but no matter how the felt length of stages changed, Giro and Tour always have been between 3350 and 3500 km.
This is patently false. Aside from the first three editions, the first time the Tour had a sub-3500k edition was in 1988, and even in the 90s there were three editions over 3900k (source). The Giro admittedly tended to be shorter until the 70s/80s, but that too went over 4000k on more than a few occasions (source). In addition, the number of TTs per race has fallen markedly in the past two decades (at the peak in 1976 to 1985, the Tour always had at least five TTs including TTTs, and again, the Giro peaked lower but has still seen a decrease over time), so the decline in the average length of road stages is more pronounced.
Hey, it probably wont be your regular mass sprint. Stage 3 won't either. And with stage 1 and 2, its promising at least. The trend seems geared more towards harder stages 1-3 these days, the Tour + Vuelta 2023 and Giro + Tour 2024. Very good development - they finally realized its a lot more interesting than flat sprint, and they realized on top of that that having GC contenders crash out for fun early on isn't the best way to go about GT-racing.

Points for Vegni and the rest. I have screamed for this for 10 years now. At the very least, make the sprinters work for it - these kinda stages are a lot harder though, and the harder, the better early on honestly. Also changes how you prep a GT which is a positive in order not to stall out the racing and peaks for week 3 so everything up until that point is risk management and losing as little as possible. With MTFs, hard hilly stages and TT, you can't come in undercooked and you can get yourself a nice cushion.
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