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2024 Giro d'Italia, Stage 1: Venaria Reale - Torino, 140 km (Saturday, May 4)

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Meanwhile finance bro Schachmann (google translated): This morning everyone thought that Pogacar was attacking. It's a bit like the stock market, where you also think we have inflation like 1980, not exactly the same, but similar. And it's the same here: Common sense was Pogi. And I thought, maybe that’s not true,” Schachmann told RSN. He was the gambler who went against the market. “Against the entire market, against everyone, against the entire opinion,” grinned the Berlin native.
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Looking at the way the UAE kicked off this Giro makes me believe that Pogacar wanted to be the leader of the race from Torino to Rome and to be honest, I don't understand why to be such ambitious considering this is a 3 week race. In my opinion, Pogacar is miles away from his rivals here, but you have to focus on maximize the work that your team is doing for you. Tomorrow the Giro finishes in Oropa, where UAE will be working for Pogacar once more time. I believe they have to save energy this first week and try to do a race "in crescendo", because the most probably is that they would have to do a lot of job by controlling chases that could be dangerous in the next weeks.

I've seen Pogacar very anxious, as if he wanted to show that he is the best every day and no matter the conditions. It doesn't matter anything because Narvaez keeps on your wheel one day... this is a long term race.

If Pogacar wants to attack day in day out he will lost a lot of energy and I don't think he is in a situation where he has to do that.
Anyway I have seen enough today to know that tymen arensmen is winning the giro, him dropping here reminds me of tao geoghen hart losing 3 minutes on Etna in 2020. The 3rd week super peak of INEOS will be mind blowing, especially considering that Narvaez already is flying. I wouldnt want to be felix groscshartner right now.
But TGH was the best from the GC riders on the next MTF.
Is he (Arensman) gonna win the stage tomorrow then?
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Great crowds, the Giro is really something special


While everyone is on their phones, that spectator is having the time of his life

I’ve learned my lesson about that at Tour stages I’ve attended. Even though you don’t have to look through a mobile phone camera to take a picture or video, it’s not the same as having all one’s attention focused on the race as it passes by,