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2024 Tirreno - Adriatico, March 4-10

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I think Rogla would be ok with wearing a large pan over his head and changing his name to Woklič, if he thought that would give him an advantage.

Actually, why is Visma trying to find marginal gains here? Shouldn't some other teams be inclined to do that and Visma to be rather sure in themself, they got it covered? We'll see during the season if they are doing it believing they are now ahead or behind.
one does wonder whether this helmet does its job in a crash. I have no idea if it's wildly safer or wildly unsafe. And for the pros it rarely matters, granted, but amateurs will buy this (that's the whole goal of this televised pro cycling thing) and they will run into cars, deer, etc.

If the sprawling length of this monstrosity means it's way better in a crash, I can tolerate it. But if landing on your forehead instantly snaps your neck or showers your face with shards of polycarbonate, that's obviously a problem. It appears to actually have better peripheral vision than many TT helmets, so that's a plus.

I doubt the standardized testing protocols for roundish helmets are able to answer this for us.
Reason's for Vingo's performance....

1. It's March! (pay no attention to Camino February)
2. Needs a reason to light up a mtf (or whatever that is)
3. GT riders don't do good ITT in one week stage races (pay no attention to Ayuso)
4. Maybe Ayuso is that good (see Ganna)
5. Conserving energy (this week. And for reason's not specified).
6. Caught a case of September ITT fever.
7. The real Vingo is still in Tiede
8. Playing it cool after Pogi went full ret@rd last weekend.
9. It's the damn helmet, man!
10. He was on the phone with Remco
11. Past his prime!