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2024 Tirreno - Adriatico, March 4-10

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He lost 5 minutes on Couillole last year in Paris-Nice. I don't know any better performance on a big climb similar to Petrano.

He crashed, which is one of his main problems, staying on his bike.
He was 5th on the stage before that. We'll have to see. I rate him, or atleast in one weeks in this field. Not to win of podium for top 5 yes. But you're right that he doesn't really have a good performance on a longer climb.

I also don't rate Arensman that high in one weeks.
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Can someone help me understand how Vingo doesn’t win this walking his bike across the line?

It's early March.

Ayuso is getting better nicely, but it's a long road as anything today is not enough in the Gran Tours. Like how you can see tt and gc time differences 2023 between for example Hindley and Vingo in the Tour or Ayuso and Vingo in the Vuelta. But it's promising because Ayuso is technicly good with tt-bike and in hilly twisty routes. Maybe one year more but happy to be wrong.
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I woke up, turned on the TV Sheffield crashed on the dry road, popped up and was pushed away and had the camera not showed his strawberry on his shorts and a little road rash, would have never known he ate it. All a bad dream.
Now everyone saying Ayuso has a *** accent, I didn't get to hear it!! And he beat Ganna!!
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