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2024 Tirreno - Adriatico, March 4-10

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I hope they ban these helmets ASAP. I don't care if they're 0.78% faster, they are so ridiculously ugly that they're bringing the sport into disrepute.

From now on there should be a design committee at UCI that has a veto for any new aero equipment.
Oh lol they're actually banning it... for 'focusing on performance more than its intended purpose'.

It's an interesting line to take, but I guess one that doesn't really support the use of super high end tt gear? Maybe Visma taking marginal gains a bit too far will lead to a bit of a change in how much emphasis/freedom the UCI give to technical developments or letting teams invest in equipment for performance gains.
Allegedly the commissaires barraged Cavendish today rather than allowing draft after the mechanical due to a falling out they had in the UAE tour. Unsure of the exact nature but words were exchanged, Brian Smith on twitter with Bruyneel also chiming in now openly accusing them of lacking impartiality.
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It's a bit Leningrad Cowboys.