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34th Tro-Bro Léon 2017 (1.1, Coupe de France, April 17th)

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Zinoviev Letter said:
What went wrong for Gaudin in between his days as Paris-Roubaix fringe contender and this win? How was he so bad that he ended up at a Conti team?
I'm not sure. If you look at his results in 2016, they were not great but still better than good enough to be a solid domestique in northern classics at WT level.

roundabout said:
There's a bit in this article (in French, sorry)


This article actually reminded me that Turgot did not get a ride even at conti level.

to be fair, Turgot lost motivation and did not really look for a new team. He asked Direct Energie, they said no, and that's it (that's the way I understood it at least). When the local club approached him then, he agreed to become a bit of a mentor for the youngsters. That's how he ended up on DN3 level.
That was a nice race by Gaudin -- you could tell he was riding with some anger. As to the larger point about whether Tro Bro will ever be another monument -- the 4 (?) finishing loops were kind of meh. This was my first time watching it (though I've ridden in that part of Brittany), and I was impressed but not blown away.