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38th Tro-Bro Léon (1.Pro) - Lannilis › Lannilis (207km)

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This reminds me of where I ride in the foothills of peak district. Farmers roads, grass in the middle, rolling terrain, I love it. But that's on a CX bike..
It’s a lot like coastal roads in Wicklow and Clare: constant twisting up and down, no big hills, but barely a meter of flat road.

Can anyone explain wtf Lotto’s tactics were? They had Gilbert and Degenkolb, 2 possible winners of a bunch sprint, plus 1 other, so they decided to try and take fliers from 20k out, and then Gilbert acted surprised every time he looked around a) to see a FDJ and Arkea jersey on his wheel and b) that they wouldn’t help him bridge to their teammates.

Happy for Swift that he got the win, we’ll deserved as the strongest rider in the race, but he didn’t half make it hard on himself in the final km, and he must’ve felt a right muppet waiting for the official result.